Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Moving This Blog

I have been undecided for a time of what I should do with this blog. I have two blogs. One is my personal blog and is all about my life and my home and a great deal of it's content concerns our relationships with the Lord. I'm very passionate about my walk with God. I had this blog as my "work blog" as I owned a physical and online store called Southern Charm Home Decor.

Well, in Jan. I had to close my physical store and although I have had numerous orders on my online store in 08, I have not had one single order online in 09. Not one order? I chalk it up to heavily discounted big boxes like Hobby Lobby and such. Don't get me wrong, I love Hobby Lobby too. I have seen them selling stuff I sell for less than what I paid wholesale for it. But, I had to close the online store this past month and now, alas, there is no more Southern Charm Home Decor.

I liked keeping the decor blog separate from the God/home/kids/funny stuff blog. But the more I think about it I have decided that I will just have multiple posts if I choose on any given day and do all my decor projects and ideas on my other blog also. I have decided to shut this blog down and I will probably delete the whole thing in a month or so just in case no one sees this post and wonders where I went. I think I can do it all on one blog and still maintain the integrity of the importance home decorating and our relationships with God. I'm a pretty funny gal sometimes and my adventures with God can be a real hoot.

I'd love to see you over at . I guess you can see that the blog is called Blogging God And Me. Hope to see you again!!