Friday, October 17, 2008

Magnetic Bookmarks

Having a Party?

Want something really adorable for all your guests? Something that will not break your bank, but will be well recieved & even better than that... actually used?

Magnetic Bookmarks are the answer!!

As an avid reader I know the value of a great bookmark. When I saw these for the first time I was thrilled. Thrilled over a small magnetic bookmark? Yes, it's true. These little bookmarks are wonderful. The bookmark is in the same shape as a matchbook. There are two magnets on the inside of each flap & the magnets hold securely onto the page. You'll never have to worry about losing your place again.

What an adorable party favor. The best part is the price.... $1.99.

Shopping gift stores doesn't have to mean big dollars. At Southern Charm Home Decor you will always find something wonderful for your budget. Something unique doesn't have to mean someting expensive.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monogram Madness

We are obsessed with all things monogrammed! They even have monogrammed license plates now for pete's sake. Which of course I am thinking of carrying.... I just can't decide how many of my customers would pay $30 for a monogrammed license plate. I do love them though. I just brought in these monogrammed travel cups & they are gorgeous. Each letter has a different design background. Some are hounds tooth... which I love.. some are polka dots. They are all beautiful though. They retail for $21.99 & they are a very good quality.

These monogrammed note cards are a favorite of mine. The lighting is not so good, sorry. Some days I'm just in a hurry. $12.99

Monogrammed Soaps from Punch Studio are fabulous. Lemon Verbena is one of my most favorite scents. Love these. $12.99

I love them all too!! What do you love to see monogrammed?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Toile is Divine

I love this purse!! I love toile!!! What could be better than a toile purse?

This handbag is from Isabella's Journey. I have a real "thing" for her handbags, especially the ones with bows like this one or the really large carpet bags. I also love carpet bags for diaper bags or for your purse with a toddler aged child. I have a 2 year old so I know the value of a beautiful bag that looks fashionable but also fits in those toys & plastic containers of snacks.
Come check out our physical store to see all of our Isabella's Journey handbags or visit to see our selection of online purses. Like butterflies? We have a gorgeous one with a bow just like this one in fall colors.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Four of My Favorite Things

These are four of my favorite things: Amber, my third child, a fantastic cast iron horse bell, & two very beautiful & sentimental box picture frames.

I am very big on sentiment. I am a sucker for something that will tug at my heart or remind me of how blessed I am. All the more better if it involves pictures of those I love & I can hang it on a wall to look at every day. Here at the store I always carry a great selection of 20x20 painted wood picture frames with various quotes or sentimental sayings on them. I have also recently added a new line of picture frames that are more boxed out & also ones with photos imprinted. They are all fantastic & gorgeous. The ones pictured are new & I only have one of each left. Here at our physical store these picture frames are among my best selling items & I sure do love them too.