Friday, October 10, 2008

Four of My Favorite Things

These are four of my favorite things: Amber, my third child, a fantastic cast iron horse bell, & two very beautiful & sentimental box picture frames.

I am very big on sentiment. I am a sucker for something that will tug at my heart or remind me of how blessed I am. All the more better if it involves pictures of those I love & I can hang it on a wall to look at every day. Here at the store I always carry a great selection of 20x20 painted wood picture frames with various quotes or sentimental sayings on them. I have also recently added a new line of picture frames that are more boxed out & also ones with photos imprinted. They are all fantastic & gorgeous. The ones pictured are new & I only have one of each left. Here at our physical store these picture frames are among my best selling items & I sure do love them too.

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