Monday, November 3, 2008

Tapestries You Must Have

I have a fetish for tapestries. I absolutely LOVE them!

Every home should have at least one tapestry, in my humble opinion. They are just SO gorgeous! They can give lots of impact & really make a statement in your home. Tapestries are great also because of their texture, it's just one more element on the wall that will add depth & warmth. We have enough prints & oil paintings folks, let's not forget about such a great design element as a tapestry.

Our online store is about to be downloaded with beautiful & gorgeous tapestries. You NEED a tapestry, trust me. The one pictured above is a prime example of a beautiful wall hanging that will have great impact & truly stand out in your home. Please browse the website beginning Tuesday to see some of the truly gorgeous tapestries that you absolutely MUST have.

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