Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Color Inspiration

Do you like black accents? I have an ongoing love affair with Black Accents.
This room is incredible! I'll bet this room would not be too hard to copy. I have seen copies of the lighting at the home improvements stores. The rug? Not too hard to find I'll bet. Find a black and white pattern you love ( DAMASK!!) and sew you some pillows and even better. Look in the phone book for seamstresses to sew you some slipcovers for a couple of chairs. I know several in my area who charge way less than you would think to sew these items for you. Curtains can easily be done with black fabric, iron on hemming and clip rings to hang your lovelies on a rod. Easy!!
The natural lighting drew me to this. Most of the back of my home is solid windows for this very reason. Open those blinds!!

Like the look of paneling but don't want to commit? Can't afford it? Well send the man to the hardware store for some of those small molding strips you can see in the photo and have him cut and nail in several boxes like you can see. It's not hard, my man and I have done this in our dining room and it was easy. Then paint those walls and wa la, instant paneling. A high end look without the high end price.

Being a Southern Girl, I can fully appreciate the need for a beautiful and comfy porch. Front AND back. Nothing on this porch is expensive, it's the color palette that draws you. Paint those floors or get you some throw rugs out there honey. Soft cushions and some greenery, and most importantly, don't forget the iced tea!!

Better Homes and Gardens decoraters voted this shade of blue the best kitchen color to paint. Notice the paint on the ceiling? I hate to cook but I love my kitchen. Odd. Remember, kitchens don't have to be boring and if you are going to spend lots of time in you kitchen like I do, paint it a color that inspires you.

Oh, this blue is gorgeous. I don't have any blue in my home but I am always drawn to pictures of cozy rooms with pretty shades of blue. I have actually been thinking of painting my laundry room this shade of blue with white trim. This shade is perfect for a small room, so says the designers at BHG and I may have just been inspired enough to try it. Paint is a great way to liven up a room, go for it. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and if you just aren't sure then ask a professional and just do it. I have done an online consultation with Misti of www.studiomdesigns.blogspot.com and everything she suggested was right on!! The Nester of www.nestingplacenc.blogspot.com is fantastic too and does online consultations. I know y'all have you a digital camera.
So, what colors inspire you?

Photographs courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
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momof3girls said...

I do love black! My momma always says a room is not complete until it atleast has 1 black accessory. I for one believe in drama - and think a room is not dramatic without some black. Thanks for your pictures!
I was debating on painting the bathroom cabinets from white to black - you have inspired me!

Kasey Hunt said...

I actually just bought an American Living bed spread from JCPenneys that is black and yellow. I love it. Problem is I have a lot of brown yet. Lamps, curtain rods? I like in the picture it has a brown mantel. I just don't want it to clash too much with the brown. Black is paired very well with my soft yellow walls. It's a bold color. I love it. Saw you on Nester. Cute blog!!