Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tumbleweed Wine & Martini Glasses

Too Cute! The minute I got these in at the physical store they started selling like hot cakes.

I have one of my own and I always smile a little as I pour my wine. A little wine...... a little fun, we deserve it. I will be loading quite a few of these wine and martini glasses onto this afternoon. They are such fun gifts and you know I had to have one for me too. They come in really nice gift boxes and the presentation of the gift is really fun. Do you have a fun or special glass that you like to use or give?

I loaded some beautiful nightlights yesterday along with some other really fun gifts. I have a couple of these Ibis & Orchid nightlights and I have given several as gifts. I love mine and the people I have given them to have always loved them so much that they bought some from me for gifts as well. Gift giving doesn't have to be expensive, these Ibis & Orchid nightlights are only $14.99.

When I am thinking of someone I am buying a gift for I always try to make the gift something fun and usable. We are so serious these days aren't we? These are serious times for certain. Even in my family we have had to deal with lay offs and isn't that a tough thing to go through? So I always look for something that will make the recipient smile and be useful at the same time. I love my nightlights, in the evening this little birdie illuminates the kitchen. In the hallway is a beautiful hummingbird on a hibiscus flower and it is just so beautiful!! Ladies, never forget to laugh and surround yourself with things that make you smile. Life is short, so enjoy it!

I have so many new items to post onto the Southern Charm Home Decor website since I have closed our physical store that it makes my head spin. But check back with us frequently as I will be loading new items every day. My 2 year old Braxton sure keeps me running so I have to load around Braxton's schedule. You ladies know how that goes right?

This is me and Braxton at our local park. It is finally going to be warm here on Friday so we are already planning on a picnic lunch and a fun day of playing after being trapped in the house for 2 weeks! He is just dying to get out again and slide. He is such a cutie isn't he?

Thank you again for visiting my blog and thank you for shopping with .

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