Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prom Dress Shopping

This is me and Lexi in front of Macy's on Saturday. It was our first and last stop. We had planned on a wonderful and long day of shopping but it ended up being wonderful and short. Ha ha, but we had such a fun time. What a big mile stone in both of our lives.... I thought you might like to come shopping with us so I brought along the camera.

I didn't like this dress but she loved the color. It is a good color for her but a bit to informal for the prom I think.

The orange looks good on her but no way Jose on the cleavage!! The black and white damask purse back there is mine.... I love it and I bought it from myself!!

I really liked this one. Very pretty. And she is so skinny it makes ya sick doesn't it?

Here is the back...... Oh la la!! I like this dress.

Here is another pretty one. I like this one very much too. The other thing about looking for a prom dress is this.... She is also doing a Queen of Diamonds pageant on Saturday March 14 and she is wearing her prom dress to the pageant. So the dress has to do double duty. Normally we don't do pageants but it is a fundraiser for the school's baseball program and they needed girls to participate badly and she was asked by one of her friends who plays..... so she said yes. So we were having fun trying on dresses and thinking our decision was going to be a tough one.

But STOP the PRESSES!!!!
Without question, as soon as I turned around to see her my jaw dropped. This is THE DRESS!

This is the back. Aye chi wa wa..... hot mama. It was made for her, it fit her like a glove. She doesn't want to try on any more dresses and I agreed. This was the dress. Plus, it was perfect for the Queen of Diamonds pageant because it's all diamondy. What do you think?

Look at her face.... she just knows this is the dress for her. She looks excited and happy.

There's only one problem with the dress. It is a wee bit over our budget. We had an idea of what we would like to spend and then a ceiling of what was the absolute most we could spend. This dress was over the limit. What to do? We have had layoffs and I just closed my physical store. Sales have been slow so I could not spend the extra money. So I said... Call your father. We are divorced and we never call and ask him for money so I said, hey this is an emergency. Call your dad and see if he will give you the extra money. It wasn't a lot so she made the call.

This is kind of funny. The only place in the dressing room she could get reception was in the corner. I knew this because my other kids had already called me to tell me that Braxton had sprayed Pledge in his eye. I was like..... Where is your father? Then he caught them calling me and telling on him and he started yelling at them not to tattle on him and they hung up. Ah, good times. Braxton is fine by the way.

Still talking..... we he or won't he???
If he says no we are thinking of this dress.

And still talking..... Sheesh. I got bored and decided I was having a pretty good hair day and thought I would preserve the moment.

Alright! Thumbs up, he said yes!! The dress is hers. Yay.

She put it back on to make sure and doesn't she look beautiful? She looks very happy. She worked very hard to earn prom money. She babysat and cat sat.

It is just gorgeous and I think she doesn't look 16 here at all. Oh, my sweet baby is turning into a woman. So this is the dress and we love it! What do you think? So much fun shopping for the dress. I hope she has a wonderful prom.


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Awwwww Jennifer...prom shopping! How sweet, I'll bet it was a truly memorable day! She looks fabulous!

Next week I will feature your online store if that works for you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, what a sweet prom dress, so pretty & I loved your whole story. So glad Dad came through! You must have been at Town Center Mall Macy's?! Ahhhh....I grew up in Marietta and lived in my house that was 5 min. from the mall...until we moved here to B'ham 3 years ago.

romeo said...

I am sure you are having fun making sure everything is perfect for that special night.

Screaming Meme said...

What a beautiful daughter...I wish I could rent her for my son's prom date! lol..jk...He has 6 girls who are wanting him to take them and he says he just can't seem to pick...my goodness life is hard at that age,huh?! haha!!...I live your 2 picks too...I think they are classy and she looks beautiful in them...but I think she probably would look good in anything with those looks...:) I have three boys and envy you...It would be so fun to get a girl ready for the prom! Well, there are always my niece and well,grandchildren...:) I love your blog...Im off to look at older posts!

Oh and if you get a chance stop by my blog...Im having a giveaway of a "life"time over there...Screaming Meme

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Rona's Home Page said...

I really like the 3rd dress. Thanks for including us in your prom dress shopping.
I'm a mom a teenage son so no chances of dress shopping.

lexie said...

but i love you :) were in 1st(which this class is a joke) and hes done teaching so i decided to commment you.
i love you!