Friday, December 5, 2008

Illume Candles Are Here!!

They're here..... I wish all of you had smell-o-vision in your computers today!!

These are the most delicious candles I have EVER smelled in my LIFE. The Balsam Cedar candle pictured above smells like the most incredible Christmas Tree Farm, I have never smelled a candle this good before. A lady from Canada came in yesterday as I was putting them out & she stopped & said that the smell reminded her of being a small child & visiting a place in Canada with her parents that was filled with Balsams. They were not on the table 5 minutes before they began to sell!!

Now this guy right here..... Pineapple Cilantro. Illume's best smelling candle. Let me describe just how good it is with this story. As I was still unpacking my candle boxes I had only put out the Balsam & Cedar & the Pineapple Cilantro candles. Two gentlemen walked through the door ( my Illume candle display table is about 5 feet in front of the door) & they immediately stopped. I heard one man say " What is that incredible smell?" and they then proceeded to sniff their way around me to these Pineapple Cilantro candles. They were so funny, they could not stop sniffing these candles. They said the same things I had been thinking to myself all morning... "These candles are delicious! These are the best smelling candles I have ever seen."

Needless to say, we began selling our new Illume Candles way before I had even gotten close to unpacking all of the boxes.

Illume's Pear Candle. Let me say that as a former Produce Manager for Publix Supermarkets I know what a beautiful ripe Bosc pear smells like. I hate to eat pears, but I love love love their smell. This candle, if you closed your eyes and smelled it, you would not be able to tell whether you were smelling the candle or the most delectable, ripe & juicy Bosc pear. It's THAT good.

The Gardenia candle? Oh my, what can I say? Heavenly was the first word that came to mind.

This brown beauty is Tahitian. A sophisticated combination of grapefruit and cassis with undertones of cedar and musk. OOOHHHH, smells so good.

I will be adding these to the website just as quickly as I can, however if after reading this & you would like to purchase the scents I already have in stock...... give me a call or come in if you are local. You HAVE to smell these candles. Hand poured, lead free wicks, essential oils, very long burn times......

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