Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final Paint

Okay, the paint is done. We have a funny lighting thing going on. We have the french doors and 3 tall windows letting in a lot of natural light along with the ugly fluorescent light above. Makes an odd glow when taking photos. The colors are actually a little darker in "real life".

What do you think? My dad says being in this room makes him want to eat a Hershey's Chocolate Bar. Mmmmmmm.......

Well he wanted a manly office but well lit so I think we have accomplished that. Lots of brown but it is not overwhelming. The room is still very bright. The walls are a great blank canvas and whatever I put on them will really pop I think. I want to make it a soothing room that inspires creativity. The man has a lot of stress so when he comes in here I want him to feel relaxed and be able to think clearly and come up with new ideas and be able to problem solve easily. Not to much to ask of a room is it?

There's those 13" baseboards again. Crazy man. It does kinda look like a Hershey bar.

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Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Very cool looking room! I think you should collect pictures of his work and frame them for inspiration. Big pictures! I could also see one wall trimmed out in a large rectangle full of pictures. Oh, and to fill in some space, how about a quote stenciled around the room or in the trimmed out rectangle...
Just my two cents!