Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Man Has Gone Loco

My husband has lost his mind!!

Look at what he has done. Without asking me I might add.....That crazy man has bead boarded the entire garage turned office. Now my mom had a stroke in January and she needed a safe way to get into the house. None of our outside entrances had handrails or the ability to put them in unless we drilled into stone. So hubby took out the garage door and put in these:
A new entrance for mom with no stairs and then he built a whole new safe stairway with handrails at the garage entrance into the house. Which happens to be right in front of the stairway to the basement where mom & dad have their apartment. Pardon my junk.... we are still in construction. Y'all know I have to hurry and find a new home for those trash cans outside and his big silver toolbox or my Home Owners Association will be having fits!!! I fully expect the phone to ring at any moment. Mrs. Walker, your driveway is a mess...... sigh. Now he had taken over my dining room for his home office but he decided when he enclosed the garage to make that his office instead. No problem, I was happy I was going to get my dining room table back. The man has lost his screws!!

These are his baseboards. The first piece is about 9" high and the second is about 3.5". So together his baseboards are around 13" tall. I think he has been sniffing too much wood glue. He is a home builder/remodeler by the way. Have I ever mentioned that? Not only does he have huge baseboards but chair rail too. Oh, but wait, you have to look up too.

He's got crown moulding up in there. Definitely been sniffing too much wood glue. Now, I know a man's office is important to him but dang. Every time I walk in there I just start laughing. I think he is starting to get a little miffed with me. You should hear his guys make fun of him while they have been working on the place. It's been a real hoot. So anyhoo, this is our new home project and I have the lovely task of decorating it for him. Which makes me ecstatic. I picked out some paint colors that I liked and asked him to look at them. He liked them so much he had his painter go ahead and buy the paint and it is being painted this week. YIKES!! I wasn't 100% on those colors yet. I just gave them to him to do an initial consult. Boy oh boy I sure hope it looks good.
So this is a lot of wall to cover. Those are some tall walls!! I am a little nervous to tackle such a large room. He wants to start having his meetings in there so he wants it to be nice. Well, I'll have lots to blog about as far as decorating here for awhile!!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Wow! Your man is awesome! I would love to borrow him in my dining room, I just want to add another moulding about 5 inches above the other, add some farmhouse molding. It needs a little beefing up! Then, I want my Grand Canyon Red paint. Which is really a deep orange. He is doing a fabulous job. Or for him, I should say a "bang up" job! Be sure to post more...

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Do you loan him out? I've got plenty of work for him. L.O.L.
Hope you're giving him lots of praise, cuz, in my book, he deserves it.

Southern Charm said...

Ha, ha... he's pretty handy that's for sure. It is very nice indeed to have a hubby who likes to build things. You know I have to give him a hard time though because he made fun of me for being excited and proud of the laundry room re do I posted about. Then he goes all grand on his office....

Rue said...

Hi, I found you via Misty.

Your husband is wonderfully talented! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

Take care,

The Stylish House said...

If he runs out of projects you just send him over my way. This is awesome, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

momof3girls said...

your man deserves a big, long thank you, and a special dinner made in his honor! What a Great Hubby you have. You are blessed and he did this to help you Mother get to visit! Wow, he is nominated for Saint hood right there! God has blessed you, girl!