Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Office Transformation Continues

Well, we are in paint now. My toolbelt cowboy is just so excited to have his very own private office.

The walls are covered in primer with only a hint of the true color and it was making hubby nervous so our fabulous painter threw a little of the actual color on so he could have a little taste of his chocolate wall. That made him very happy.

His entrance into the house...

All of the painting will be done today so I will have some pictures tomorrow of the final paint job. The tool belt cowboy plans on moving his office in here this weekend. We are leaving the floors bare concrete for the moment. Cash is tight. We are very excited though about doing the "Taste of Forsyth" event on April 19. We will have a booth there for his company Stonecrest Homes & Renovations and we are a featured sponsor there. We are doing a giveaway so if you can make it to the big event you have to come!! Over 17,000 people were in attendance last year. Want to know what we are giving away?
One lucky winner will win a FREE exterior paint job and brand new gutters!!!
Now who doesn't want a new paint job? That's a lot of bucks......
It is being advertised in the papers along with the promos for the event so we expect to see a lot of people coming over to our booth. We will be giving away balloons too for the kids. I have been very prayerful for God's blessings to be on us for this event in that hubby will get some new jobs from it and people will take our information and call us later on when they do need work done. I am excited for him. How did I get on this topic?
Well, I can't wait to see the paint job all done. I am still a little nervous about the wall color. It is a little pinkish? The painter said it has red tones to it. Which may work out fine because his office furniture has red wood tones. ????
The hubby feels vindicated by all of your wonderful comments on the previous post about the garage/office. I was making fun of him for doing it up so grand and all of you were so sweet and loved it! I told him I was sorry for making fun of him and if all of the ladies in blog land thought it was great then it must be. He smiled big for you guys and said to tell you thank you.
See you tomorrow with the final paint pics!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jennifer, your new project looks like a great space for your hubby. I love all the details, good for him! Thanks for stopping by to peek at my new transferware. Hope your show goes well!

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Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I love seeing work in progress. Since my husband is The Remodeling Guy I'm used to looking past the mess. It all looks great!