Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sentiment Picture Frames

This is my new favorite frame. I heart this frame. I love every single thing about it. I love the scroll work, I am a lover of damask and anything closely resembling damask and pretty scrolly things. I love the font. I love that I can use 4 photos of my 4 beautiful kids. But one thing I really really love is the color. What color is it? I have no idea. This frame was the subject of much conversation in my shop before I closed it. Nobody can figure out what color the frame is. Depending on the lighting in the room this frame can be black, charcoal grey and a white washed hunter green. I kid you not. So really what you get is a very versatile frame that you can use in many different rooms that will give you a new look depending on the lighting. Right now I have this frame in a room that makes the color a charcoal grey. Before it was in a bright room and looked like a muted hunter green with a white wash over it. I love it! Very elegant.

This is another one of my favorites. This is a black frame/almost a charcoal black with the adorable baby's feet in a grey tone. How cute is this? Now who wouldn't want this for their sweet baby?

I love just about anything with sentiment and I love my family pictures. I am not however a big fan of having multiple family photos hanging all over a wall unless they are in matching frames and placed in some kind of pattern that makes sense. I also like the look of the big chunky frames with everyday size photos popped in.
I am all about doing more with less $$. But I do strongly believe that investing in a few good pieces is a worthwhile investment. A few good quality strong pieces in a room can really make a difference in how the room feels. I am a D.I.Y. girl all the way, don't get me wrong. But in my home you can also find beautiful items such as these frames that really make beautiful statements and they are very eye catching. Whenever I have people into my home they never fail to comment on my 20x20 wall frames. Why? Because they are big and they are beautiful and they are part of what just makes the room, that's why. I had a few customers who purchased on average one frame a month give or take and they were making collages of them in their hallways and stairways. That sounds just divine. I like to move mine around a couple of times a year. Another thing I like about these pretty frames? Whenever I see them they always make me smile and that's what your home should be about.
Do you know what else surprised me about selling these frames? I always assumed that people would mostly buy them for themselves and a small percentage as gifts. Boy was I wrong. By far the majority of the sentiment frames I sell are for gifts and most of the time the person purchasing tells or emails me about how they want one for themselves but are purchasing for a friend or family member. So of course I offer them a discount for buying 2 or more frames and many take me up on it. The generosity of people never ceases to amaze me. These aren't $5 frames, they start at $34.99 and go up to $59.99. But...... they are beautiful gifts and I can't imagine anyone receiving one of these fabulous frames and not just falling in love with it!! Many gift stores sell these frames for $79.99 to $99.99 but with independent gift stores popping up like crazy over the last few years the competition has been in favor of the consumer and prices sure have dropped. Thank goodness!! Do you know who else likes to buy these frames? MEN. Men are the majority customer base in my database. I'm thinkin though it has a lot to do with ladies telling their guy about a frame they like and want and the guy being a smart & savvy computer wizard just googles it or their wife maybe said she saw it at my store but somehow the men find me and they can buy in one easy click a great gift for the wife that will keep them out of trouble for awhile, ha ha. I sell a gorgeous black frame all about a man travelling the world in search of something but returning home to find it. Oh yeah, not only is it beautiful and classic in black & white but he gets to tell her every day when she sees it how much he loves her. Big points in guy speak.
Do you have a favorite go to gift for weddings, anniversaries and showers? These are my go to gifts because I know the receiver will love them and they will be used and enjoyed every single day. Totally worth it.


The Stylish House said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is great to meet new friends. I love your style, and especially your dream home on your 1st post! Your sweet daughters make perfect models, how blessed you are to have such a lovely family. I will add your site to my blog roll. I look forward to getting to know you. Cathy~

momof3girls said...

so cute!